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Storage Sheds & Buildings in St. Petersburg, Florida

Wally Watt Inc.
provides you with spacious and secure storage sheds and buildings for your property. With various sizes and color choices, you get to customize your shed and ensure it fits in with your home's exterior. Prevent clutter with storage sheds and buildings from our company in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Sheds, Storage Buildings in St. Petersburg, FL

Office, Storage Buildings in St. Petersburg, FL

All Aluminum Building (with Wood Framing)
Our residential and commercial custom storage sheds are the perfect solution for your storage issues. They have oversized doors for easy access and they can be made in any 2-foot sizes (8, 10, 12, etc.) to suit your specific needs.

Residential Storage Sheds
These all-aluminum storage buildings made in 1-foot size increments are delivered directly to your site. For your convenience, we will level and anchor it on its intended site. These buildings offer safe and space-saving storage for items such as bicycles and lawn equipment.

Building on the Job Site
Call Wally Watt Inc. for great customer service that includes on-site estimates, measuring, and information on what type shed is right for your needs. Because we do the work in our own factory, you're assured of receiving a building that is the perfect storage size.

Prices for All Buildings:
• $700 for the Smallest Buildings
• $5,000-$7,000 for Larger Sheds

Contact us at (727) 381-3232 in St. Petersburg, Florida, for the ideal storage sheds and buildings to house all of your extras.