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Custom Storage Sheds in St. Petersburg, Florida

Get that extra space you need around the house or business with custom storage sheds from Wally Watt Inc. of St. Petersburg, Florida. We specialize in aluminum storage sheds with wood framing that are durable and spacious. They come in a full range of colors to complement your home's exterior, so they add a unique touch to your property. For more information about availability and options, call us today.

Special, Custom Storage Sheds in St. Petersburg
       Built to Your Specifications
Established in 1953, Wally Watt Inc. continues to provide storage solutions to Florida's West coast residents. We're capable of meeting the customer's storage needs with sheds built to the customer's specifications. You won't have to worry about replacing your structure anytime soon because our aluminum sheds are of a better quality. To better serve you, we provide a 20-year warranty on our storage buildings.


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